Wednesday Oct 24 - Pre-Conference Tour

Chalmers and Kubeck has offered a tour of their facilities for those arriving on Wednesday. Contact Joe Aiello  to express your interest and organize details.

Thursday Oct 25 - Cocurrent Technical Workshops

Thursday October 25th – Concurrent technical workshops

1. Fan Performance Workshop - Morning <Time TBA> <Location TBA>

2. FK Pump Maintenance Morning <Time TBA> <Location TBA>

3. Plant staff and Managers Workshop Afternoon <Time TBA> <Location TBA>

4. Procurement Workshop Afternoon <Time TBA>

Thursday Oct 25 - Evening

A vendor sponsored reception will be held at the Reniassance Hotel in  <Location TBA> <Times TBA>. Interested vendors can add their sponsorship to the event on the registration page.

Friday Oct 26 - Morning Technical Papers


Sharing Best Practices

The best practice program provides a forum where plant personnel can share improvements and other good ideas with their peers.

Friday Oct 26 Afternoon - Bus Tour

A bus  tour  will  focus  on  the  rich  history  of  cement  manufacturing  in  the  Lehigh  Valley.    Tour  stops  will  include  a  photo  opportunity  at  the  Coplay  bottle  kilns,  a  visit  to  the  Northampton  cement  museum,  and a  refreshment  stop  at  one  of  the  four  operating  cement  plants.    The  bus  tour  will  also  pass  through  the other  3  operating  cement  plants,  as  well  as  passing  by  many  of  the shutdown facilities  in  the  Lehigh Valley.      

<times TBA> <meeting location TBA>